Some pics from this week …

I was on the road most of the week and here’s a few pics I like from different assignments and a bit of background to them. Top pic is Ryanair’s deputy chief Executive Michael Cawley at an early Monday morning press conference. There was really stromg sunlight behind the desk he spoke from so I just used it to make a silhouette.

Next up is a photo I took on Monday afternoon . I was between assignments around Baggott Street in Dublin. The light was great with really nice reflections on the canal. I shot this from the centre of another lock on a wide 16mill lens. The paper gave it a great show when we used it on page one on Tuesday.

Third pic down is from a  photocall at the RDS on Tuesday to publicise their Ice Skating Rink for the Christmas season.These two guys did an amazing job carving out a sculpture of a man and child skating.

One of the big news stories of the week was the announcement by Minister for Health James Reilly TD that St James’s Hospital would be the location of the new National Pediatric Hospital. He’s pictured  at the press announcement speaking to Dr. Frank Dolphin Chair of the Review Group behind Minister for Children Frances Fitzgerald TD.

An Taoiseach Enda Kenny TD attended a photocall on Wednesday morning at a special Children’s referendum campaign bus where I photographed him walking past the side of the bus. This was a real bunfight messy photocall. Too many of everything, PR people, supporters, politicians, media, a bit of a scrum. I like the strong colours in this pic. I was going to shoot it wide and get as much of the length of the bus in as possible but then changed my mind last minute and went tighter.

Last pic is from another  photocall in St Stephen’s Green on Thursday.The event was the announcement of details of the New Year’s Eve Festival to mark the beginning of the gathering Gestival 2013.There were an array of street performers, balloons in the shape of letters, politicians etc . I took a bunch of pics but like this the most even though it didn’t work out the way I wanted it to. The subject is Lisa Sarsfield a performer with Bui Bolg Theatre group and she’s twirling flames around. I fired some flash into the photo and used a slow speed to try and capture the movement of the flames. Any frames where her face was clear the flames weren’t so good but this is my favourite from the shoot.

All photos ©The Irish Times