Moneygall May 23rd, 2011

Some pics from 23rd May 2011 when US President Barack Obama visited his ancestral homeland in Moneygall, Co.Offaly . I was lucky enough to be one of a handful of photographers accredited to get into the tiny village on the day. However my pass only allowed access to the landing of Obama in the local GAA grounds and then his departure from there. Strictly speaking I was going to have to stay there until his departure, but managed to talk my way out of there after his landing and made my way up to the village.

At this stage all the attention and media interest was focused on the pub where Obama was meeting his Irish relatives. Colleague Keith Arkins was in the bar for what was going to be the ‘money shot’, Obama having a pint and it did made some great pics. I ended up in the village mingling with the crowd and got a lot of good pics of Barack and Michelle leaning in towards the locals and me. It was a mad day and great fun.

All photos : © The Irish Times