Looking down on people with umbrellas.

Here’s one of the few half decent pictures involving rain I’ve made. It’s taken in 1998 not long after I joined the Irish Times. I took it from the photographers room in the old Irish Times building while having a coffee looking out the window as I waited for my films as they went through the processing machines in the darkroom nearby.

We used to work differently then, pre-digital. We photographed from morning through to late afternoon and then brought all our jobs back to the office and processed the film, scanned the negs , wrote captions and filed. Now we shoot and file from location and then we go onto the next assignment. There was always a great buzz late afternoon among colleagues in those days and loads of slagging as we piled back into the office, to get the work filed before the news conference.

 I’ve probably over done the idea of the pic from a height looking down on subjects, but it can be a useful way of making an ordinary scene look interesting. When the light is dull with grey undefined skies at the top of your viewfinder, shooting from above can give your pic good strong defined edges . It can also make for a decent symmetrical type photo with strong lines and colours that are often invisible if standing on ground level.