I’m chief videojournalist with The Irish Times, based in Dublin, having previously worked as a photographer and deputy picture editor with that organisation. I’ve also worked for the Longford Leader, London Post Group, The Irish Press and Irish Independent. In 2007 I worked for the Sydney Morning Herald, Australia on a one-year exchange programme.

I’ve won a number of awards Irish photojournalsim awards including AIB /PPAI Photographer Of The Year Award five times. I’ve represented Ireland twice in The Fuji European Press Photographer Awards and I’m the only Irish photographer to have won the UK Picture Editors Guild, Photographer of the Year Award. In 2017 I was nominated for the Videographer of the year Award in the UK Pic Editors Guild Awards.

This site contains a small selection of my photography, some of which is Irish Times work and other work is personal. All images that appear on the site are either ©The Irish Times or ©Bryan O’Brien so get in touch if you are considering using any of the photography in any way. You can contact me at bryanobrienphoto@gmail.com or follow me on twitter and instagram at @bryanjobrien Check out my video work at https://vimeo.com/bryanobrien